Still water – 750 ml, 500 ml and 300 ml

Alkaline water with a pH of 8.28, with a mineral content that makes it perfectly balanced, velvety, friendly, subtle, hydrating, and nourishing. It is an excellent companion for good wines and delicious meals. Easy to drink directly from the glass, at the gym, in the car or at home.

Love at the first tasting, Aur’a evokes memories from childhood, it conquers you by its natural character, it induces well-being, it surprises and, more than anything, convinces.

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Sparkling water – 750 ml, 500 ml and 300 ml

Mildly sparkling water, ready to cope with the most recommended tastes, cool, ideal for the summer season, hydrating, intense, but not exaggerated, determined but not decisive, pleasant, it makes a good impression from the first sip.

Elegant, with attitude, balanced taste and refreshing sensation, sparkling Aur’a is a true source of good energy, a reliable summer evening partner, and a great choice for anyone who wants something really special.

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